St Margaret’s Church Stained Glass Windows

Lilies Window

Dedicated March 25, 1912. Given by Mrs. William H. Singleton (Ina Duvall) and Miss Maggie Duvall. Dedicated to their parents Ann Ogle Rideout Duvall and Zachariah Duvall.

Representing a field of Annunciation lilies surrounded by a border embodying various emblems of the Trinity. Likely the first window placed into this church after 1895 reconstruction.

Willie Window

Given in 1917 by Mrs. William H. Singleton in memory of her infant son Willie Duvall Singleton (1886-1886).

Some or all of the vertical windows may have been installed by Leonard Boertlein, Washington Art Glass Studio, founded 1924. This studio would later craft and install at least 11 stained glass windows at St. Margaret’s Church.

Bell Tower
Three-Part Window

Includes arch window, Yewell Memorial Wndow (left) and Weedon Memorial Window (right).

Boone Memorial Window
Tate Memorial Window
Tate Memorial Window
Brice Memorial Window
Bell Tower Transom Window
Displaced Window