Historic Westminster Parish

1696 - First Church Site

The first Episcopal St. Margaret’s Church was located on the South bank of the Magothy River. In 1696, Rev. Edward Topp Jr., became the first Rector of the parish.

200 ft. of square land (approx. 1 acre) for a church building and vestry house was granted by John Hamond, Sen., A A Co. on 8 Feb, 1696.

1707 - Luck and Iron Stone Hill

(church-owned land)

1731 - Second Church Site

In 1731, St Margaret’s was relocated to the north side of the Severn River by what is now Winchester Station on the Baltimore and Annapolis Railway. Two acres of land were acquired and a brick church was erected. This structure later burned in 1803. After the fire this site was abandoned.

1731 - Chapel of Ease at Marley Creek

In 1731 St Margaret’s built a chapel of ease known as Old Marley Chapel. This chapel continued until 1861 but during that time fell into decay. In 1903, some of the Chapel’s building materials were taken to Glen Burnie and incorporated into the structure of St Alban’s. The site of Old Marley Chapel was marked by a stone which was removed when the road was widened in 1920.